Freshwater Crayfish Care

I grew up playing with crawfish. I discovered them in the terrace tunneled into the ground. Today however I’ve made it a stride further. I have a pet crawfish at home. He’s a blue crawfish and quite wonderful.

In the event that you are beginning with a crawfish, the main thing for you to know is knowing a little about freshwater crawfish care.

Before You do Anything!

In the event that you resemble I was the point at which I previously observed a blue crawfish, I needed to purchase my tank, run home, toss some water in and put that crawfish in. Wrong. It doesn’t work that way.

You need to take about seven days to “cycle” your water or you will kill your crawfish. – And that would just make your children cry.

It works this way. You add water to your tank and put in water conditioner that takes out the chlorine. Next you add microbes and something natural like a shrimp or fish food.

You continue adding fish food (simply a squeeze) and microorganisms (you can get it) consistently for around seven days. At that point add around two fish, in the event that they live, at that point you can add your crawfish. I know, it might sound remorseless, however you will discover without a doubt if your tank is prepared.

Having the water in your tank cycled is fundamental for freshwater crawfish care.

A Lil’ Hiding Place

As you are setting up your tank, you need to ensure you put a type of “decoration” into your tank. This can be a stone or some kind of lil design you purchase at the pet store. I have an Easter Island figure in mine.

Crawfish like to fort. So give them a spot to hang out.

More on the Water

Contingent upon the quantity of fish you have will rely upon how frequently you change your water. On the off chance that you have approximately two or so fish alongside your crawfish, you will need to change about 25% of the water at regular intervals. In the event that you have any more fish, make it fourteen days. What’s more, make sure to consistently condition the new water while adding it to the tank… You don’t need the children to cry isn’t that right?

Additionally, to the extent water temperature goes, keep it at around 73 to 75 degrees. That is perfect!

Taking care of Crayfish

Well no doubt, you need to crawfish. You will need to take care of your crawfish each day. Get some sinking wafers on the web or at the neighborhood pet store and simply drop one in consistently. Crawfish will likewise eat piece food, freeze dried fish, bloodworms and well, your other fish (dead ones as well.) So make certain to keep that it mind. You could get back home one day and discover one of your #1 fish gone.


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