Home Herb Gardening Made Simple

You can easily have a home herb garden at home by following a few simple steps and maintenance. Though you may think growing home herb gardens is not something as essential as tomatoes or bell peppers, you will have many uses for your home grown herbs and will see how much money you begin to save at the local market.

The first step to knowing which herbs to grow is to look and see which you use. There you can make a list of the spices you use the most and the seeds you need to purchase in order to start growing. As you begin to scope out an area for creating your own home herb garden, look for soil that has a good amount of drainage. You want to insure that if your soil gets accidentally overwatered, it does not drown your seeds. If your soil does not have adequate drainage, dig a small hole about a foot into the ground and place a rock that is broken in half. Replace the dirt and this will allow your water to have the proper run-off it needs.

Do not think you need to purchase starter plants in order to have a home herb garden. Growing herbs from seeds is just as easy as growing from a starter plant. By purchasing seeds, you will save yourself a great deal of money as well. Many herbs will grow extremely fast just from seeds. You can see some begin to sprout in less than three weeks!

One of the best things about growing home herb gardens is you can typically grow them year-round. If you want to grow indoors, most herbs that are traditionally grown outside can easily be converted to indoor greenhouses or pots. Be sure to create starter plants outdoors in the spring and transplant them into pots to grow inside throughout the winter. Always wait at least six to seven months until you harvest your herbs when growing outdoors.

Once you have harvested your herbs there are endless possibilities. You can dry them, freeze them, preserve them, etc. Give your herbs as gifts to family and friends. You can even create aromatic potpourris that are refreshing and bring a new scent to your home. If you master the green thumb at creating your own home herb garden, you can start selling your herb collections online or to locals. Try creating jellies or even homemade potpourris and selling them to consumers. A lot of people like to buy starter herbs from local growers and you will be interested to see how much profit you can make off selling your own starters. Herbs are a great way to save money, but also possibly make money!

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